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eComm, Same-Day Delivery & Dispensary POS

We Deliver Smart Solutions


Stay on top of your entire operation from the palm of your hand. Login to your custom Dispatch/Supervisor App and track all your orders, warehouse and driver inventories, cash drops and daily reports across multiple distribution centers and unlimited number of drivers


Our proven “DIGITAL WORD OF MOUTH” referral and reward programs virally promote your service to all your existing client’s most trusted family and friends

Stay Secured

We use the latest in Cyber Security software and Firewalls to ensure that your valuable data is protected from data breaches and malicious attacks

Fully Integrated Same-Day
Delivery Platform

Our POS, Consumer, Dispatch and Driver apps work together with an advanced eCommerce website platform to ensure the highest levels of conversion, efficiency and customer satisfaction in the industry

  • Consumer App
  • POS App
  • Dispatch App
  • Driver App

The Cannalogic Flow

Order placed through custom built software

Delivery details passed onto fulfillment

Ready order passed to dispatch

Dispatch assigns orders to drivers and zones

Drivers accept orders and process

Drivers begin delivery

Driver completes order

Full transactional accountability and reporting


All of our sites and Apps are the TOP Tech in the industry. We keep Up with the latest trends in 5G and AI Technologies so you don’t have to. With offices in the U.S., and Canada (in Los Angeles and Vancouver), we have teams necessary to deliver the most robuts and agile support experience to every client.

Technical experts

All-in-one, remote IT support to fix any issue, with any device, any time


The latest in state of the art eComm technology

  • Inspire your customers with a world-class
  • Custom-tailored eComm experience
  • Simplify all your day-to-day operations
  • Maximize productivity
  • Increase daily order capacity
  • Manage warehouse, store and driver inventory levels
  • Implement customer loyalty and retention programs
  • Ensure platform security and data integrity
  • Automate user engagements
  • Grow your distribution territory
  • Maintain government compliance
  • METRC validated and compliant in 14 states

Processed over 1,250,000 Cannabis Deliveries
in Canada and the US since 2017

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